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Villa Liberty for sale in Portofino

Architettura e Design Italiano: Scopri una villa vista mare progettata dal famoso architetto Gino Coppedè

Quartiere Coppedè di Roma Il centenario del quartiere Coppedè di Roma ci offre l'opportunità di immergerci nell'eleganza e nella magnificenza dell'architettura di questo straordinario luogo. Progettato e realizzato tra il 1915 e il 1927 dall'architetto Gino Coppedè, questo quartiere si distingue per la sua sfarzosità e la sua miscela di stili, combinando elementi del liberty, dell'art déco, del...

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Growing demand for luxury homes In Italy: a prime destination for UK investors amid tax changes

The United Kingdom's recent abolishment of the "non-dom" tax regime marks a significant shift in its attractiveness to foreign investors. Previously, this regime allowed UK residents, not domiciled in the country, to be taxed solely on income and capital gains from UK sources, exempting those generated abroad. However, with the latest fiscal decree dated March 6, this regime has been abolished, signaling a...

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Investing in Paradise: Luxury real estate on the islands across the Mediterranean

Investing in luxury real estate on the islands of Italy, France or Greece goes beyond financial gains. It's an investment in a lifestyle marked by beauty, culture, and tranquility. From the allure of the Mediterranean Sea to the rich history that permeates the air, these islands provide a unique opportunity to own a piece of paradise and create memories that last a lifetime. So, whether you're drawn to...

Explore The Mediterranean Riviera: seaview villas with a pool for sale in Liguria

The fascinating Ligurian coast on the Italian Riviera has always attracted a wide array of illustrious international personalities. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Liguria became a meeting point for artists, writers, intellectuals and aristocrats. Among those who have fallen in love with Liguria, are Frank Sinatra, David Herbert Lawrence, George Sand, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, Henry James and...

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