Wave of American Buyers Relocating to Italy

The IB International Real Estate team has been witnessing an increase of US demand: requests from American buyers are up by 30% this year.

Experts indicate that among the factors propelling Americans to buy property in Italy are a strong dollar, prohibitive property prices in the US, and ongoing political tension.

While Italy is popular with American buyers, some of them are finding that relocation can be hampered by a complicated tax payment system and visa requirements for non-EU citizens. Despite this, they are willing to navigate this terrain not least because Italy offers special initiatives for international buyers.

  • In 2017, the flat tax for high net worth individuals was introduced for those who wish to transfer their residence to Italy.
  • There are a number of Corporate tax credit incentives encouraging business investment in Italy.
  • In 2019 the Italian government extended a program to sell one-euro properties in the countryside to foreign buyers who would pay for renovations and boost the local economy.
  • In 2022 Italy is planning to introduce a digital nomad visa for foreigners. This measure may help Americans who will continue working remotely for their home country employer after relocation to Italy.

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