Villas for sale in Capri: a blend of history, glamor, and natural beauty

Villas for sale in Capri

Just 30 minutes from the picturesque Amalfi Coast, over time, it has captured the hearts of poets, painters, and celebrities from around the world. Capri is a sensory experience, an invitation to immerse oneself in its wonders with calm and taste.

The Faraglioni, symbols of Capri, emerge from the azure waters, creating a spectacular panorama. Exploring the paths along the coast reveals the island’s natural beauties, with 17 kilometers of crystalline sea and pristine nature.

In Marina Piccola Beach, you can sunbathe and admire the breathtaking landscape, the Blue Grotto, the ancient personal pool of Emperor Tiberius, offers a unique experience with its intense blue hues and rays of sunlight creating an enchanting play of light.

Piazza Umberto I, known as “La Piazzetta,” boasts open-air bars and restaurants where you can savor local specialties before wandering through narrow streets with exclusive boutiques and artisan shops that embody the charm of Made in Italy.

In a captivating mix of history, glamor, and natural beauty, Capri reaffirms itself as an island to live and discover, a timeless destination for those seeking a unique.


Where to buy villas in Capri?

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