Real Estate Market Trends in Italy

Luxury villas in Calabria

American Buyers Drive Calabria’s Property Market: 32.42% of Foreign Sales

Calabria, a region in southern Italy is experiencing a surge in popularity among international home buyers. Recently, there has been a significant boom in the number of foreigners purchasing properties in this enchanting region, with a remarkable 32.42% of these buyers coming from the United States.   Popular Towns for Buying Luxury Homes in Calabria Calabria is home to some of Italy’s most...

Relocation to Italy: taxes and fees for homebuyers

Relocation to Italy is a life-changing decision. Most people who choose to set up home in Italy understand that the country has a lot of potential in terms of investment opportunities as well as offering fabulous beaches, picturesque scenery, and a wonderful lifestyle. Whether they have been a frequent visitor to the 'Bell Paese' or simply fallen in love at first sight, international buyers have concluded...

Tips on what to do before you make an offer on a property in Italy

Buying property abroad can be fraught with pitfalls. IB International Real Estate experts share professional advice on how to prepare for the purchase of your dream home in Italy.    Property inspection Once you have found a property that you wish to purchase, it’s a good idea to bring in an architect or engineer to do a professional assessment of the state of the property as well as the...

italian luxury estate for sale

Growing demand for luxury homes In Italy: a prime destination for UK investors amid tax changes

The United Kingdom's recent abolishment of the "non-dom" tax regime marks a significant shift in its attractiveness to foreign investors. Previously, this regime allowed UK residents, not domiciled in the country, to be taxed solely on income and capital gains from UK sources, exempting those generated abroad. However, with the latest fiscal decree dated March 6, this regime has been abolished, signaling a...

How to buy a property in Italy

Life-Changing Decision: The Notary Act in Italy when buying a house

Navigating the complexities of Italian real estate requires an understanding of the crucial role played by the notary. Here’s what you need to know about the notary act in Italy and why it’s a life-changing decision.   Understanding the Role of the Notary In Italy, the notary ("notaio") is a public official who plays a pivotal role in real estate transactions. Unlike in many other countries...

Lombardy's luxury real estate market attracts buyers

What key factors fluel the international demand for luxury homes in Lombardy?

International buyers are drawn to Lombardy for a myriad of reasons, making it a hotspot for luxury real estate investment. The region's ability to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity makes it a magnet for those in search of a home that transcends the ordinary. Lombardy's rich cultural heritage, with cities like Milan boasting world-renowned art, architecture, and fashion scenes, attracts buyers...

Wave of American Buyers Relocating to Italy

The IB International Real Estate team has been witnessing an increase of US demand: requests from American buyers are up by 30% this year. Experts indicate that among the factors propelling Americans to buy property in Italy are a strong dollar, prohibitive property prices in the US, and ongoing political tension. While Italy is popular with American buyers, some of them are finding that relocation...

Italy, + 30% of requests for luxury property due to “flat tax”

The demand for luxury properties is growing: from Milan to Lake Como, Liguria to Tuscany and Rome, requests have recently grown by 30% thanks to the “flat tax”. First introduced in 2017, the flat tax has only just begun to have a dramatic influence on the market which is evident in the numbers from 2021.   What is “flat tax”? The flat rate tax of 100.000 euros is basically a "flat tax"...

Mercato immobiliare residenziale a Milano in crescita del 31% nel 2021

Le tendenze del mercato immobiliare italiano Secondo il rapporto Italy Residential biannual snapshot May 2021 (JLL), gli acquirenti stanno investendo attivamente in immobili residenziali nel nord Italia, in particolare a Milano ma anche a Roma. Negli ultimi due anni il volume delle transazioni finanziarie per l'acquisto di residenze private in Italia, sia da parte di acquirenti nazionali sia...

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