American Buyers Drive Calabria’s Property Market: 32.42% of Foreign Sales

Luxury villas in Calabria

Calabria, a region in southern Italy is experiencing a surge in popularity among international home buyers. Recently, there has been a significant boom in the number of foreigners purchasing properties in this enchanting region, with a remarkable 32.42% of these buyers coming from the United States.


Popular Towns for Buying Luxury Homes in Calabria

Calabria is home to some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches, featuring crystal-clear waters and long stretches of white sand. The region also boasts impressive national parks, offering mountainous landscapes, lush forests, and diverse wildlife.

Scalea and Tropea are the most sought-after locations for purchasing prestigious apartments and beachfront villas. Scalea tops the list with 19.34% of the preferences, followed closely by Tropea with 11.13%.  Corigliano-Rossano is another favored spot, attracting 8.97% of international buyers. Soverato has seen the most significant annual increase in interest, with a remarkable 66.13% rise in requests.


International Interest in Calabrian Prestigious Real Estate

Leading Countries
Besides the United States, other countries showing a keen interest in Calabrian real estate include Germany (12.65%), the United Kingdom (9.69%), and Canada (8.46%).

Significant Growth
Some countries have shown substantial growth in interest compared to the first half of 2023. The United Kingdom leads with an 86.18% increase, followed by Australia (75%), Belgium (56%), and Ireland (52%).


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The surge in foreign home buyers in Calabria highlights the region’s growing appeal on the international stage. With its affordable property prices, breathtaking natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage, Calabria offers an attractive proposition for those looking to invest in a slice of Italian paradise. Whether it’s the picturesque towns of Scalea and Tropea or the growing interest from countries like the UK and Australia, Calabria is proving to be a top destination for those seeking a new home abroad.

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