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Luxury villas in Calabria

American Buyers Drive Calabria’s Property Market: 32.42% of Foreign Sales

Calabria, a region in southern Italy is experiencing a surge in popularity among international home buyers. Recently, there has been a significant boom in the number of foreigners purchasing properties in this enchanting region, with a remarkable 32.42% of these buyers coming from the United States.   Popular Towns for Buying Luxury Homes in Calabria Calabria is home to some of Italy’s most...

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Growing demand for luxury homes In Italy: a prime destination for UK investors amid tax changes

The United Kingdom's recent abolishment of the "non-dom" tax regime marks a significant shift in its attractiveness to foreign investors. Previously, this regime allowed UK residents, not domiciled in the country, to be taxed solely on income and capital gains from UK sources, exempting those generated abroad. However, with the latest fiscal decree dated March 6, this regime has been abolished, signaling a...

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